AMS End of Season Report: Season 2015-16

Submitted by AMS State Measurer, William Strangways.

In our third season of the AMS rating system operating in SA I am pleased to report the number of yachts with a current certificate stands at 49.  CYCSA  25, RSAYS  16, PASC 6, Pt. Lincoln 2

Div 1 club racing at the CYCSA picked up a bit this season with 7 entries for the AMS Div 1 Inshore Series. Results:
1st White Knight, 2nd Vertigo, 3rd Shining Sea.
Div 2 had 6 series entries with Young Einstein taking first spot, No Eye Deer 2nd and Witches Thimble 3rd.

The very popular Coaster Series drew 12 series entries. Results:
1st White Knight, 2nd Vertigo, 3rd Alliance.

RSAYS promoted AMS in Div 1 and 2 Inshore gaining a total of 12 series entries.

Div. 1: First 3 cool cats. Div 2: First Blue Diamond. RSAYS also ran their “club series” with 6 entries. First 3 Cool Cats, 2nd Quarante Deux, 3rd Blue Diamond.

CYCSA only had 2 entrants for the AMS Offshore series so were forced to enter a combined series with RSAYS making a total of 11 boats [2 CYCSA ,9 RSAYS]. It turned out well for the CYCSA as Two True won the series with Vulcan 2nd and Enchantress 3rd.

The SA Champion of Offshore Racing [AMS] was contested by 10 yachts [9 from RSAYS and 1 CYCSA]. Good news for the CYCSA as Two True won again from Aikin and Vulcan in 3rd place

The AMS State Championships were very well supported with 14 entries in Div 1. Results: 1st Aikin, 2nd White Knight, 3rd Two True.

Div 2 had 8 entries, the winner being Julia, 2nd Young Einstein, 3rd Blue Diamond.

The Great Southern Regatta was moved to November and reverted to the 3 race format (5 last season).  The fleet was blessed with great sailing conditions both days, winds in the 15/20 knot range, testing crew work to the limit.

AMS Div 1 (11 entries): first White Knight, second Concubine, third Two True
Div 2 (7 entries): first Julia, second Young Einstein, third Witches Thimble.

Queen of the Gulf reverted to 1 race (3 last season) and started with 11 knots of breeze but faded making most of the Div 2 yachts unable to finish.

Div 1 AMS (9 entries): 1st White Knight, 2nd Alliance, 3rd Vertigo.
Div 2 (6 entries): first Locomotion [only finisher].

The clear highlight of the AMS season was the 35 entries (28 local and 7 Vic) in the Adelaide to Port Lincoln Race. Results:

Div 1 (18) AMS: 1st Secret Mens Business, 2nd Concubine, 3rd Simply Fun.
Div 2 (17) AMS: 1st Julia, 2nd Sextant, 3rd Vicky J 1V.

Lincoln Week AMS Div 1 (17): 1st Secret Mens Business, 2nd Concubine, 3rd White Knight.
Div 2 (7): 1st Julia, 2nd How Bizzare, 3rd Sextant.

Premier’s Cup was moved to the end of the season to act as a “Grand Final” and reduced to the popular 3 race format (5 last season). Winds were friendly around 10/15 knots for the weekend giving all entrants a good chance to be in the placings. Results:

Div 1 (12 entries): 1st Aikin, 2nd Two True, 3rd White Knight.
Div 2 (9): 1st Julia, 2nd Witches Thimble, 3rd Young Einstein.

The Combined Winter Series, for some strange reason, was very poorly supported this season. We had a total of 21 last year but only 10 for this season. Results:

Div 1 (5): 1st White Knight, 2nd Alliance, 3rd Outrageous.
Div 2 (5): 1st School’s Out, 2nd Julia, 3rd Sea Snake II.

I arranged a weighing day on the 8th of August at the RSAYS. 11 yachts were weighed. When all the measuring is finished I suspect we will have about 55/60 AMS yachts in SA with current certificates for the next season (2016-17).

If any yacht owners wish to join the AMS fleet please contact me by email or phone  08 8296 3256

I look forward to the next AMS racing season.

William Strangways
AMS State Measurer

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