Program Explained: Season 2016-17

Season 2016-17 is now under two months away and, with the program having been available since July, some may have already noticed some small changes to the program for this coming season.

Minor tweaks have been made based on the feedback received in the post-season Skippers and Crews Survey; we’ll run you through the changes here.

Club Inshore Series:
Previously Inshore Series courses were either ‘Windward/Leeward’ or ‘Fixed/Mark’ courses. This season that has been broadened to include ‘Course TBA’ and ‘Triangle’, with the Series composed of:
7x Windward/Leeward (3 days of back-to-back)
3x Fixed Mark
2x Course TBA
1x Triangle

So, what does Course TBA mean? This format allows the Race Officer to use a combination of buoys and fixed marks to compose a course, providing better adaptability to wind direction and conditions. It also allows the RO to really mix courses up for variety.

The Triangle Course was added also for variety and is based on the older Olympic course, still used in local dinghy sailing. These courses can be configured in several ways however traditionally involves a lap of the triangle, followed by a windward/leeward lap (sausage) of the triangle.


Coaster Series:
Little has changed with the Coaster Series with the exception of ‘Long Coasters’. These are by no means new to the Coaster Series however this season includes three of the long races, with the time limit set to 8:00pm for the first two and 7pm for the third. One of the long races is part of the Queen of the Gulf Race in January and includes the extended time limit.

Offshore Series:
Participation in the Offshore Series is low and feedback has suggested that the courses need to be refreshed. In conjunction with RSAYS, we’ve listened! While none of the courses in the Series are new, some have not been done for a while and RSAYS will now facilitate the ability to reverse the course depending on wind direction.

Re-included this year are:
Tapley Shoal (replacing Orontes) – approx. 70NM
Ardrossan (replacing Glenelg Gulf) – approx. 70NM
Macdonnell Sound (replacing Kintore Cup) – approx. 70NM

IRC State Championships, Division 1:
The biggest changes this season are to the IRC State Championships for Division 1. Discussions between owners and the CYCSA have allowed us to create a program that best represents how the IRC owners want their championship to be run.As a result this series has now moved to 13 races and included a greater variety of course formats.

This improved program also includes an additional race on Regatta Sundays before the usual Fixed Mark race, meaning IRC State competitors will complete 4 races during the Great Southern and Premier’s Cup Regattas. These Sunday races will both be a Triangle Course.

The Jubilee Cup Offshore has also been added to the program, joining the Adelaide to Port Lincoln Race as offshore components to the Series.

AMS State Championships, Division 1:
The AMS State Championship for Division 1 has followed the IRC program, however excludes the additional Regatta Sunday races to cut the Series down to 11 races. The Regatta Fixed Mark races will still be included in the Series, meaning AMS competitors will still complete 3 races during the Great Southern and Premier’s Cup Regattas.

The Jubilee Cup Offshore has also been included in the AMS program for Division 1.

IRC/AMS State Championships, Division 2:
Division 2 competitors will complete a similar program to last season, which includes:
4x Windward/Leewards (across 2 race days)
2x Long Coaster (8:00pm time limit, one of which is the Queen of the Gulf Race)
3x Fixed Mark
1x Course TBA

Phil Hoffmann Travel Twilight Series:
The popular Twilight Series will see little change next season, however there are still a few added goodies. An extra standalone race has been added to Series 1 on December 21, which will become a Christmas Twilight. This addition means Series 1 and 2 both have 3 standalone races each; a sternchaser, Ladies Helm and a regular standalone.

Series 2 doesn’t miss out on a themed race, with January 25 becoming an Australia Day themed twilight.

The 2016-17 Program can be access now via 

eCal: You can now sync the CYCSA Racing Calendar with your personal devices! Simply click ‘add this’ from the calendar module on our website and follow the prompts to sync to your mobile, tablet or emails.



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