Little luck in Sydney for CYCSA in Sydney-Gold Coast Race: Video & Pics

Secret Mens Business barely made it out of Sydney Heads on Saturday as the fleet departed for the Gold Coast in the Land Rover Sydney to Gold Coast Yacht Race, but they still made it further than fellow CYCSA yacht Concubine.

In a spate of bad luck for SA both yachts suffered bowsprit damage, ending hopes of a major interstate victory.

Concubine found themselves with nowhere to go in a multiple boat pile-up early in the race, sustaining bow and bowsprit damage in the process.

“There were about seven boats involved because the spectator vessel got in the way. Merlin (David Forbes Kaiko 52 with Joseph Earl skippering) was one of them and also retired. We are so disappointed after coming all this way” said Shevaun Bruland.

Shortly after, Secret Mens Business joined Concubine back at the dock after a busted bobstay saw their bowsprit go awol.

Boettcher said, “We put up our brand new Code Zero – we haven’t used it before, but we were OK. We were pushing, but without being stupid, when the bobstay went and then the bowsprit, in all the excitement.”

Boettcher’s main rival of the race Ichi Ban, whom they were arm-wrestling with from the start, went on to win the race overall and crossed the line ahead of several Volvo 70s.

Despite frustration both teams remained hopeful as they headed to the bar, now looking towards the Australian Yachting Championship at Hamilton Island later this month.

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